What About TMR

Introduced in 2005, Tennis Machine Rentals was built on the premise that tennis is a universal sport, and we believe that many aspects of the game should also be universal.

From the cracked public courts in Compton to the hallowed grass at Wimbledon, tennis has become a sport for all ages and backgrounds. But, there are still aspects of the sport that remain exclusive due to accessibility and price such as tennis ball machines.

Want to sharpen your backhand? Tired of hitting against a wall? Looking for the perfect tennis partner or just searching for an affordable and effective way to introduce a beginner to tennis? Call Tennis Machine Rentals, the San Francisco Bay Area's first and only tennis ball machine rental service. We provide access to portable tennis machines for the general public, from beginners to advanced players.

No longer do you have to pay expensive country club or private instruction fees to enjoy the advantages of honing your game with a precision tennis ball machine. It hits only as hard you want it to and stops only when you want it to.

Tennis Machine Rentals' service is designed to accommodate all types of users.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Tennis players of all levels can increase the effectiveness of their strokes and ultimately their game
  • Players who have difficulties finding a partner and those who are tired of hitting against a wall can rent the perfect companion
  • Health-conscious individuals can use a machine as an alternative form of cardio exercise
  • Parents can keep their child's interest in the game through a rewarding, fun, and inexpensive manner
  • Friends can use this service as an alternative form of social activity
  • Potential buyers of a tennis machine can try before they buy
  • Tennis instructors can incorporate new drills to their existing routines
  • League team captains and high school coaches can augment their practices

Tennis Machine Rentals' foundation is built upon customer satisfaction, simplicity, and community.

  • Without a happy customer base, Tennis Machine Rentals and its unique service would not be able to sustain itself, so it's our #1 priority to ensure that a customer's experience is easy, pleasant, and valuable throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship. This can only be achieved by excellent customer service.
  • Tennis Machine Rentals wants to make the customer's experience as simple as possible. With this in mind, we are doing as much as we can to streamline the entire rental experience by making as many aspects of our service convenient for the customer.
  • As much as Tennis Machine Rentals strives to polish an individual's tennis stroke, we also believe that contributing back to the community is just as important. If you're an established organization providing community services to the education or awareness of tennis, we can provide tennis machines at a discounted rate.

Special tennis machine needs?